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Massage has progressed substantially from its early days, but not without setbacks along the way. One thing that often darkens the door of massage therapy is that the word massage exists frequently in the public eye. This means that anyone can use the word massage, and charge for their services. Persons doing this are not accountable to any overseeing professional body, and do not operate under any public health acts.

The clinical perspectives of our therapists help to repair musculoskeletal structures such as muscles, soft tissue, scar tissue, tendons and ligaments from injury and pain. The use of specialised therapeutic techniques discovers and resolves immobile joints and muscles, creating length, mobility and breadth in movement to prevent injury and encourage healing and overall wellness. Our massage therapists use a combination of sports massage, remedial message and trigger point therapy to release muscles and joints in a flash. From spas, gyms, workplaces to hospitals and nursing homes, it has and continues to gain momentum.

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Anita enjoys creating stability and freedom in the body, enabling her clients to build balanced strength and movement, using Anatomy Trains Structural Integration and Structural Bodywork. Her style is medium to firm, she is very skilled in working all areas of the body as well as calming the nervous system. Marianna has undertaken further study in Lymphatic Drainage and treats many clients post surgery and as part of an ongoing maintenance plan. Sports massage focuses on the improvement of bodily functions to enhance overall performance and is designed to help athletes before and after they compete or train. It can help to increase mobility and strength in muscles and joints, reducing the risk of injuries.

Focuses on the deeper layers of muscle fibres, and is administrated using specific compression and friction along the muscle to loosen up muscle tension, releasing toxins and encouraging blood and oxygen to circulate. Deep tissue massage is both corrective and therapeutic and can be used for a variety of sports injuries and chronic pain conditions. Nicole began working on reception and then gained an interest in remedial massage after observing the benefits of multiple experienced health care Practitioners including massage all in the one place. Completing her Diploma in 2016 Nicole has gained a lot of experience in a short period of time. Nicole transferred from the front desk to the treatment room and has continued to broaden her knowledge completing numerous professional courses. Neuromuscular techniques including deep tissuemassage, myofascial and trigger point release techniques are used to bring relief from muscle tension and to improve your flexibility.

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Remedial Massage focuses on pain relief and muscle health through hands-on techniques. Treatments are customised for each client by professional, qualified, remedial massage therapists. Our goal is to help improve your overall health and wellbeing, leaving you feeling better than when you walked in. Massage therapists may be employed in health and fitness clinics, sports clubs, gyms, medical centres and multidisciplinary healthcare practices. They may also find employment with other healthcare practitioners such as chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths.

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• Students will be required to receive a massage from, and provide massage to, both females and males in practical classes and Student Clinic. Your classroom learning will consist of both theory and practical components. Your classroom will have similar resources to those you will find in a massage clinic such as massage tables, massage oils, towels, educational and physical resources. Please also note that if you are applying for more than one course with us, you will only need to complete the LLN online test once. Students returning to studies at ALG after a significant gap may be required to complete the LLN online test at the discretion of ALG. This is an entry-level course and no previous skills or experience are necessary.

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We provide good range of Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage therapies aimed at treating areas of dysfunction. Sign up to receive our newsletter and you will be provided free information and special offers. For the best results, we recommend advising the therapist as to the style and depth of massage you’re seeking prior to and during the consultation.

We provide healing massage therapy to treat a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions, muscle weakness and muscle hyper-tonicity. The stresses of life can take a toll on your body, and massage can assist in alleviating these harmful effects. This qualification will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to start your career as a qualified massage therapist. Used to treat a variety of medical conditions and injuries – Common conditions that can be treated by a remedial massage therapist include sporting injuries, muscle cramps, arthritis, and frozen shoulder. In addition, a remedial massage therapist can help alleviate symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, and depression by promoting the release of endorphins – the chemicals that make you feel good. Massage therapy utilises systemic manipulation of soft tissue to heal and soothe the body.

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This course enables you to become a qualified relaxation massage therapist. Our course provides valuable skills toward running your own practice or sets you on the pathway to becoming an accredited remedial massage therapist. The therapist may work or have worked with a community-based palliative organisation, hospital, hospice or aged care facility to provide massage therapy to palliative clients.

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Our unique training methods and specialist teaching staff ensure that we produce the most highly skilled and most marketable Massage Therapists and Myotherapists to hit the marketplace, over and above any other. Our clinic is fully supervised by a qualified therapist & lecturer at the college and proceeds from the clinic are donated back into the community. MIMT at present is proudly supporting the Olivia Newton John Cancer & Wellness Centre situated across from the college, adjacent to the Austin Hospital.

She draws on all her knowledge to deliver a deeply relaxing, healing, therapeutic and rejuvenating experience for you. Massage therapy is manual manipulation of soft body tissues to enhance a person’s health and well-being. It involves hands-on techniques to increase circulation, relieve tension, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, and promote relaxation throughout the entire body, as well as many other benefits. If you are feeling tired, sore or stressed out, massage can help to relieve your symptoms and pain. Contact our remedial massage and sports massage therapist for a body overhaul to de-stress, detox, relax tight muscles and relieve joint pain. During a sports massage the therapist will preform an assessment and treatment of soft tissue injuries, with the knowledge of biomechanics, tissue pathology and healing in mind.


Our desire is to provide you with a professional therapeutic treatment in a warm and inviting environment. Regular massage can provide a number of physical and mental health benefits. Massage in North Sydney and Crows Nest — If you’re looking for a massage in North Sydney, visit our Crows Nest massage centre to benefit from customised massage therapy treatments and wellness solutions.

If you’re allergic to oils or lotions or have, tell your massage therapist beforehand. After your massage, the massage therapist will allow you to slowly get up and get dressed in privacy. Before your massage, you’ll be asked to remove clothing to your level of comfort.

Remedial Massage Therapy is a massage based application used to treat a number of conditions affecting the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the body. Remedial Massage is a key component of sports medicine, but is beneficial for anyone suffering from pain or injury in a particular area of the body. With world class facilities and experienced Practitioners, Sydney West Sports Medicine is proud to offer a range of high quality treatments for injury rehabilitation, sports performance and health management. If helping people feel better and move better sounds like your kind of job, you may be well suited to a career in massage therapy.


To gain admission to this course, you must have a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy qualification and satisfied the other prerequisites for pregnancy massage courses. Sports Massage is a type of massage therapy that treats and prevents sports-related injuries. It is tailored to the specific needs of an athlete, whether they’re preparing for an event or looking for post-event relaxation.

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It will be necessary to enquire with hospitals or hospices that offer a massage service, to establish what they provide. Some organisations have private massage therapists and the hospice/hospital may offer to cover the cost of the massage, or provide volunteers who offer hand and foot massages. Active release is helpful in treating a range of soft tissue injuries along with referred pain from these injuries. Much like deep tissue massage, ART can be used to treat pain and other symptoms caused by soft tissue injuries. In some instances, these tests will allow a Therapist to decide whether a client would benefit from more specific treatment, such as physiotherapy.


You’ll learn the latest remedial massage techniques and be exposed to a variety of clinical and sporting environments. Anyone can benefit from a massage but those who are in pain, experiencing chronic health conditions or who feel any soreness, tension or tightness in their body will benefit from massage. She loves bringing wellness and relaxation to her clients while encouraging them to embrace their natural beauty with the help of skincare and treatments.


This was my second visit to Align Massage in Camp Hill and I’ll definitely return for more. Clean and careful with Covid protocol, a range of different massage menu options. Give the gift of me-time and relaxation for your friends, family and someone special with Our Align Massage Gift Voucher. Ancient people believed that messages possess numerous medicinal properties. And that was true because skin exposed to oil massage becomes supple, smooth and noticeably more elastic. The application of water heated basalt stones to key points on the body to offer comfort and warmth.

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Massage frequency will also depend on what your plans and goals are. If you are having a particularly busy or stressful period at work, you are building up to an event or are training particularly hard. Following certification as a Massage Therapist, Nick continues to learn more about advanced recovery 대전감성마사지 techniques, and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others to assist with recovery. His fascination continued into how different muscles affected different parts of the body when they became tight, sore or injured. They can also be effectively used to support people with a chronic disease.


Verbalising what you’re feeling helps your therapist alter techniques to best treat you. It’s ideal for athletes and casual sportspeople because it helps free tight muscles, helps the body recover and prepare for performance. It can also be beneficial for those who have an injury, postural problems, tension, pain, are recovering from surgery or live a busy lifestyle.

By compressing and applying friction along a particular muscle, deep sections of thick muscles are reached, particularly individual muscle fibres. This unlocks the fibres or muscles, releasing both toxins and deeply held tension points. We are proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive services to meet the needs of adults, seniors, and pediatric patients. We specialize in providing personalized massage therapy and companion assistance. Massage is an extremely effective and relaxing way to deal with the general aches and pains that can be experienced in the later stages of pregnancy.

Yarraville Health Group massage therapists all provide specialised massage for pregnant women, with a specific pregnancy table available that caters for all stages of pregnancy. Pregnancy Massage is massage therapy specifically tailored to the expectant mother’s needs. The mother’s body is properly positioned and supported during the massage, and the use of specialised pregnancy pillows and padding allows the client to be face down during the treatment to maximise comfort. Massage during pregnancy can alleviate general postural stiffness and muscle strains often seen with the ongoing changes of the pregnant body. Pregnancy massage has been found to reduce stress and anxiety, decrease swelling in the arms and legs, stimulate circulation, and promote better sleep. Myotherapy is the treatment of muscle to relieve pain and improve movement.


Online courses require access to a computer with an internet connection. Some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding remedial massage are answered below. Works on existing injuries, prevention of new injuries and pre and post event massage for optimal performance and recovery. The personal information that you may provide is used to facilitate an appropriate appointment with a health professional at Eastern Suburbs Sports Medicine Centre. It is not used for any other purpose or shared with any third party. This safe and supportive massage using rhythmic touch and a luxurious body balm, tailored to nurture the mother from pregnancy to postpartum.

The distribution of the oils throughout the circulatory and lymphatic systems via skin absorption. This distribution in combination with massage techniques gives a deeply relaxing treatment to ease physical and nervous tension. The word “massage” has its origin in both the Greek and Hebrew languages. It is a combination of the Hebrew word ‘me-sakj’ which means ‘to anoint with oil’ and the Greek word ‘massein’ which means to knead. It is the practice of influencing soft tissue through physical manipulation of the body. Contact us to see how our massage specialists can help and the other services available.

Cameron Bishop Remedial Massage is located at 10 Bloomfield St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, in a private studio. Massaging can also keep your muscles healthy, which improves performance, prevents injury, and, when done regularly, can correct posture. At BodyViva, we also offer remedial and relaxation massages to enrich your day. Massage therapy is utilised for the relaxation of muscles and promoting body recovery. It can be used in conjunction with physiotherapy to accentuate the effects, or it can be used independently to improve a person’s quality of life. If you’re leaning towards the first, massage therapy is the ideal treatment.

It all depends on your injury, pain, background, goals, and tolerance to determine how long you’d want your massage for. As a general rule the more you need done the longer or more frequently your appointments should be. Our most common appointment time is 60 minutes long as this gives enough time for you to fully relax and get the most out of the massage. For a better idea, chat with one of our receptionists or massage therapists. Our remedial massage therapists are accredited NSW SIRA Workers Compensation Providers. Daveena continues to improve her personal and professional development by pursuing other areas of study.

Physiotherapy is an ongoing process that combines several at-home exercises and in-clinic procedures to foster the best results. A physiotherapist will assist in person by running exercises or guided stretches and even may perform massaging. The deeper friction aims to break down the adhesions through muscle fibres and increase range of movement and flexibility and provide an increase in circulation and a reduction of fibrotic tissue. Before your massage appointment with Sports Medicine Clinic, drink lots of water to get your body ready for the treatment. We recommend getting to your appointment with time to spare so you can better relax for your appointment. I’ve been getting massages since High School, I’ve had a bad shoulder since a young age and then career wise I’ve ended up with more pain in my bad shoulder and that grabbing muscle pain lower back every now and then.

Massage is one of the oldest forms of relieving the body of tension and restoring optimal function to the systems including muscular, neural, vascular and lymphatic. It involves application of oils or creams to manipulate the soft tissue of whole body areas & is commonly used for individuals looking to restore well being to their life. He works alongside chiropractors, and healers from multidisciplinary teams, producing individualised plans to meet our clients’ therapy goals. Mark is registered with Private Health Funds and massages can be booked separately or alongside other therapy care. Anita has been massaging for 16 years, completing a Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2005 at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies. Anita uses a naturally firm pressure but will adjust her treatment style to suit the needs of each client.

We see many runners in the winter season who are preparing to tackle the City2Surf 14km run, they use Sports Massage as a part of their training program to keep them on track for hitting their time goal. During a massage, a registered massage therapist uses techniques such as Rubbing, Kneading, Effleurage, Tapping and even Vibration to stimulate the muscles and relieve pain, tension or discomfort. Remedial massage is a growing field leading the way in treating pain and discomfort.


By focusing on different areas of the body, our team can safely and effectively deliver deep for you. If you would like to book an appointment for a remedial massage, please contact one of our preferred massage providers below. A type of ancient Chinese healing method that involves applying pressure to certain meridian points on the body to stimulate the natural self-curative abilities. It helps promote the circulation of blood and prevent tension from turning into an ongoing disease. Gentle strokes, muscle lifting, taps and chopping motions are all techniques that may be used.