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Research shows that in many other countries, Reiki is being incorporated in main stream hospital care due to it’s proven results. Massage therapy can be provided in addition to your physiotherapy treatment or can be an independent option for treatment depending on what your condition needs to facilitate the best solution. The treatments used by massage therapy involve physical contact and manual techniques that include fixed or movable pressure to a localised area or the whole body.

Pregnancy massage is a safe and effective way to help alleviate the pain and discomfort, with the many changes the body under goes during pregnancy. Some causes of headaches & Jaw/TJM dysfunction arise from overwork, stress, poor posture, neck & shoulder muscular tension. Find out about skills recognition and RPL for certificate to advanced diploma courses. Massage therapy focuses on the ligaments, tendons, fascia and muscles, which are often affected by overuse, shortening, overloading or lengthening. In turn, these issues result in an array of pains, aches or injuries.

It’s likely at some point, you will meet with clients in person, whether that’s at their home, or out in public, so Public & Products Liability is also very relevant for you. Business Insurance can also help cover the cost of your office equipment such as mobile phone or laptop if they’re stolen or damaged. Cyber insurance has now become one of the essential products a business in the health industry should consider. • To maintain professionalism, students attending student clinic are required to maintain a clean & tidy appearance. You will be expected to perform 80 hours in our student clinic, which is open to the general public. You can hone your skills under the supervision of a Clinic Supervisor.


Your initial new episode consultation will involve a comprehensive assessment where we ascertain your relevant history and medical history, followed by a physical examination. Our Redial Massage Therapists have completed Diploma level qualifications meeting NSW SIRA Workcover and Private Health Fund Extras Cover standards. You can process your Health Fund Claim instantly at our clinics via HICAPs. Lymphatic drainage – light stroking techniques which flush lymph nodes and very effectively promote fluid drainage.

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These muscles are prone to becoming very tight especially in office workers and those who use a computer all day. A combination of massage therapy and physical therapy will improve circulation considerably. Massage helps to move blood through congested areas giving them the oxygen-rich blood they need to heal. These adhesions can cause pain, restricted movement and a feeling of prolonged tightness, itching or swelling. If not treated, injury recurrence may occur, which can delay recovery for a very long time. Physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy, restores and promotes muscle and joint health to help clients move better and with less pain.

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There is an increasing trend for fitness centres, hospitals and other health care agencies to employ qualified massage therapists as permanent staff members. North Metropolitan TAFE’s remedial massage qualification will teach you how to manipulate soft tissue, ligaments, muscles, fascia and tendons for the treatment of muscular dysfunction. At Sydney West Sports Medicine, we offer Remedial and Sports Massage to alleviate pain, provide relief and promote relaxation for everyone from the general public through to injured workers and athletes. Therapeutic Massage relies on a hands on technique to help aid recovery and relieve muscle spasms through deep tissue massage, stretches, and a variety of muscular releases.

It is also a highly flexible career in which it is common to work both full time and part-time hours for a business/organisation. Leanne works intuitively with her clients combining different techniques to provide a therapeutic and holistic massage experience tailored to suit the client’s specific needs. She is passionate about the healing power of massage & the many benefits that it can bring, from pain relief & greater mobility, to improved circulation and reduction of stress.

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Employing other techniques, such as acupressure or Shiatsu, and complementary aids, such as infra-red lamps, wet compresses, ice, essential oils and herbal and mineral therapies, to assist recovery. Provide advice about stretching exercises and relaxation techniques. Wellbeing Massage Therapy – Remedial, Relaxation, Sports and pregnancy massage. Listen to Charlotte promote the Aus Directory to find a therapist like her – professional, qualified and insured. After your massage, you may feel relaxed and a little sleepy, or you may experience a surge of energy, awareness and concentration. Dry needling – also called intramuscular stimulation uses fine needles to stimulate and release trigger points in areas of knotted or hard muscle.

Remedial massage works really well to help decrease pain with acute injuries, and alleviate pain in those with chronic conditions. Having a maintenance massage every couple of weeks or monthly can be extremely beneficial in managing your pain. Myofascial release is a manual massage technique to relieve fascia tension. Massage therapists will use their thumb, elbow, palm or a prop to target these trigger points by applying pressure to them. That’s because healthy circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to help with stiffness and tension. Physical therapy and massage therapy can be used together to boost flexibility by stretching and relaxing the muscle fibres.

They work directly with the massage therapists to provide you with the treatment that you need to heal. Sports Massage is an integral part of helping athletes heal from their injuries. The sports massage will help relieve pain and promote relaxation in addition to treating certain myofascial conditions.

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The deeper, more intense techniques of sports massage will help the body to overcome these problems. It can also benefit those people whose work puts their body under stress or creates postural problems and muscle soreness. Advantage Healthcare & Physiotherapy offers Remedial Massage Therapy services. Our experienced and qualified massage therapists who alongside and collaborate with when required our Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Dietitians.

This massage also can help the body recover before or after surgery. A form of therapy that assists you to find relief from soft tissue concerns. This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to research and develop an integrated business plan for achieving business goals and objectives.

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Life can’t be enjoyed without good health, so being pain free, relaxed and ‘body aware’ are of utmost importance for you to function at your best level. Prior to her persuing a career in massage therapy, Leah lived in Melbourne as a professional ballet dancer and also qualified a Yoga Instructor. Also working for the WACA alongside other therapists and Phyio’s, she uses appropriate techniques such as deep tissue massage and passave stretching to achieve the desired results. She has a good treatment plan for Frozen shoulder and any restrict AROM in joints, which can also help with Osteoarthritic pain.

The massage therapist may recommend applying ice to the area after the massage. A massage therapy session can last for 10 minutes to one hour depending on the client’s request. To find out more of what comprises a massage therapy session, feel free to check out the listings of the top experienced massage therapists on the Natural Therapy Pages. Anyone who aspires to become a professional massage therapist must hold a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy, which is the minimum qualification required for the job. Taking advanced massage courses, on the other hand, will build upon your basic massage skills and take your career to the next level. Many colleges and universities in Australia deliver on-campus and online massage courses to suit every student’s needs.

The use of either solid filiform needles or hollow-core hypodermic needles to treat muscle pain. Pregnancy massage is physical therapy designed to suit the needs of the expectant mother. Traditional Chinese medicine is a traditional medicine that includes various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, exercise, and dietary therapy. In 2002 working as a Sales Executive for a prominent hotel chain, I started thinking “There’s got to be more to life than this! ” After enjoying some massages to de-stress from my corporate job, I began to investigate the possibility of re-training and becoming a Massage Therapist. The thought of doing a job where I actually made a difference to people’s lives was very motivating to me.

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Providing best practice, evidence-based Allied Health treatment to our community. Check here to see if you are eligible for government-subsidised training. Training to eligible students is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth funding. Students with a disability are encouraged to apply for this course using Skills First funding.

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She was able to customise the experience for me and helped me figure out the best treatment plan. Could not recommend More Than Physio more for any TMJ, jaw and physio needs. Massage therapy is commonly used in conjunction with other healing modalities such as; Physiotherapy & Osteopathy, and dry needling. Regular targeted massage therapy is also great for stress reduction, giving you the chance to enjoy a happier, more pain-free life. For the first massage, your therapist will use light pressure to ensure that there are no adverse effects following the massage. The gentle and appropriately adjusted massage is safe for clients who have been diagnosed with a chronic or end stage terminal illness.


She holds a Diploma of Remedial massage from South Metro Tafe and various advanced courses in massage techniques. She enlists a combination of all these techniques whilst having a gift to being able to calm the 서울커플스파 central nervous system of her clients. Helping them to potentially sleep better, recover from injury faster, clear blocked nasal passages and overall give her patients a deep sense of calm rest and well being.

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She is passionate about being able to spend the day on her feet helping people achieve the best outcome they need and building great relationships with clients. Kirstyn isn’t all about working the hard knots out of your body, she also enjoys the gentler calming side of pregnancy massage that helps expectant mothers to relax and feel pampered during this special time. Like all treatments at Sports Medicine Institute, remedial massage therapy treatments are tailored to suit individual needs. Our primary objective is to treat the body holistically to assist and improve optimal functional health.

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Insurance should still be something to seriously consider if you want to protect your business from financial pressure should you experience an insured event. Swedish massage involves the systematic working of the muscles and other soft tissue to create a state of relaxation. It involves long strokes, tapping, kneading, friction, percussion and vibration motions which soothe your body, soothes away the stress and strains of the body. Massage therapy is sometimes thought of as a complementary or natural therapy. Hospitals are increasingly offering massage therapy to help people cope with illnesses such as cancer, chronic pain and heart disease.

After a thorough assessment to determine problem areas and form a diagnosis, Margot will tailor her treatment to the needs of the individual using a combination of treatment techniques to get results. Swedish massage uses slow, deep strokes to relax the muscles and allow for the body to escape the “fight or flight” cycle that many of us get stuck in. A pre-event massage to loosen, warm and ready those muscles for activity which will improve your performance and endurance. Whether you are the recreational sportsperson or the professional athlete, if you are looking for that competitive edge then a sports massage is for you. Medsana Medical Clinic is a family friendly General Practice with a team of doctors, allied health professionals and specialists providing comprehensive care to all ages.

Furthermore, the feeling of heat can actually be a good sign, showing muscles reacting positively to treatment and beginning to heal themselves. While this may seem alarming, this symptom is actually fairly common, simply because of how massage treatments 대전감성마사지 are done. The movement of muscle fibres causes the stimulation that can often lead to a state of pain. If you are looking to improve your posture, remedial massage can help by relieving muscle tension particularly in the neck and shoulder area.


Therapists will have completed specific training in the management of lymphoedema in order to offer these treatments. Massage therapy is a systematic form of touch that is either applied directly to the skin or through clothing, generally focusing on soft tissue. Promoting soft tissue changes is important for a person’s physical and emotional symptom management. Massage therapy can be used independently or in conjunction with other treatments and is a complementary therapy that is not a replacement for conventional medicine.

By compressing and applying friction along a particular muscle, deep sections of thick muscles are reached, particularly individual muscle fibres. This unlocks the fibres or muscles, releasing both toxins and deeply held tension points. We are proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive services to meet the needs of adults, seniors, and pediatric patients. We specialize in providing personalized massage therapy and companion assistance. Massage is an extremely effective and relaxing way to deal with the general aches and pains that can be experienced in the later stages of pregnancy.

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However, as with any business, life for a massage therapist may not always go according to plan. One unhappy client alleging your service caused them pain, or someone tripping over and injuring themselves on your premises are all real events… and they happen to even the most cautious businesses. When trigger points like these escalate, they can quickly cause some serious tension in the operation of your business. This is why it’s important to have adequate insurance in place for your massage therapy business to ensure you can recover and heal from the financial stress of certain mishaps. Here at Hills Street Sports Medicine, we work closely with massage therapists who specialise in therapeutic and remedial massage therapy.


If you have private insurance health fund extras cover please bring your fund card and we can process your claim directly via HICAPs. Myofascial release – sustained deep strokes which stretch connective tissue within and around muscles. Deep tissue – focused deeper pressure techniques ideal for clients who really benefit from a firmer work over. Our professional team of highly qualified health practitioners complete advanced training with us prior to becoming an Ace Certified Practitioner. All our Registered Massage Therapists hold University degrees and advanced training in assessment, treatment and management of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

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Deep Tissue massage can be used to ease muscle tension and help with a range of health concerns. It works deep within the muscles and uses firm pressure, mobilisation and sometimes stretching techniques to loosen areas of tightness, restoring flexibility and movement. Dry needling — A massage therapy treatment that effectively treats pain, muscle tension, and tightness by inserting needles into trigger points. Pre-event massage complements the warm-up, increasing circulation to the muscles, helping relieve pre-event nervous tension assisting focus on the task ahead, and protecting against soft tissue injury. Get on the path to better health with remedial, deep tissue and therapeutic massage therapy.

When you have tension in your connective tissue that can strain your muscles. Conversely, if you have muscle tightness, it may be the result of tightness of the connective tissue in another area of your body. This technique uses gentle, sustained pressure to help release the connective tissue. Doing so can positively affect the muscles and the body’s transport system promoting blood flow and the movement of fluid in the body.

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Cameron Aubrey has over 20 years experience in the massage industry, and leads the team as Course Director at Discover Massage Australia. Cameron holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage, and his expertise runs across a large range of massage techniques, particularly sports, Swedish and whole body massage. Massage therapists can use trigger point therapy to release painful tension and knots in the muscles and fascia. The information and materials contained on this website are not intended to constitute a comprehensive guide concerning all aspects of the therapy, product or treatment described on the website. The State of Victoria and the Department of Health shall not bear any liability for reliance by any user on the materials contained on this website. Both Massage and Chiropractic offer preventive care to support your ongoing good health and well-being.


Her passion lays with Aromatherapy Massage and she prides herself in being able to tailor a firmer style to her clients. Her belief is to constantly stay abreast of new massage styles to offer the latest techniques. Ann uses a variation of techniques to increase movement & flexibility, delivering you an intuitive & professional journey of therapeutic relaxation, encouraging a holistic approach to help your body heal itself. Jill uses her own handmade body products made with Australian native Essential oils to compliment her Reflexology treatments. She chooses carefully the appropriate essential oils according to the client’s need to give the most benefits from her treatments. Her techniques have helped clients suffering from everyday stress, stiff neck and shoulder pain, migraines, rotator cuff injuries and immobilities.